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Working past age 65

Medicare will provide healthcare benefits to millions of Americans, and many will specifically wait until they retire to become eligible for the program at age 65. However; a increasing number of people have chosen to keep working beyond 65 in order to keep earning higher incomes and shore up retirement finances. If you are 56 and older have still have insurance under a employer plan, it might be challenging to figure out the best course of action to take Medicare Lets look closer at a key issue, which as been increasingly important as the population ages, and older...

What Age For Medicare Eligibility?

When you think of Medicare, you probably assume that it is for those of retirement age. That is true, however medicare covers more than just those who have worked all their lives. Some people could be eligible now and not know it.  Who’s eligible at 65? Spouses–if you were a stay-at-home spouse or parent, you may receive Medicare benefits at age 65 based on your spouse’s work record. If a spouse has the required 40 credits and you have been married for at least a year, you could qualify for Medicare benefits.  Those still working and retirees–In...
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